Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Frog Blog

Have I told you about my frogs? I have a nice little water garden in my courtyard, with a recirculating waterfall and gorgeous rocks surrounding it. I love the sound as it calms me down and helps block out a bit of the far away traffic noise. We have no fish. My husband vetoed the fish. We agreed that each has veto power over things and since he really doesn't get involved with any other creative outside garden decisions, what could I say? He felt sorry for the fish, stuck in this little pond, swimming around in circles forever. The filter (which I clean every month or so) really keeps this little ecosystem clean. These new pond systems are amazing. One day, early this summer, I was sitting by the pond and all of the sudden my eyes focused on...a frog! Frogman! Wow! I was wondering when a frog would come to stay. Every night, I would come home from work and head right to the pond, laden down with briefcases, lunch bag, and the burdens of the day, and try to spot Frogman. Sometimes it was easy. Other times, I resigned myself to the fact that he was out gallivanting. Each morning, I would go out with my coffee. After dinner, I would wander out and sit. It became a relaxing ritual- find Frogman. What a sneaky little devil. He looks like the slimy moss on the rocks on the waterfall. His little head bobs up on the edges while his webbed feet cling to the sides. But I got good at this little game. One Sunday, while sitting by the pond communing with Frogman, I did a double take. A second frog! And he was big and green. Greenman! I ran into the house to tell Tony. We have TWO frogs! After that, it was twice as much fun, trying to spot the two frogs, each one blending in better than his brother (or sister, who can tell?). Such chameleons they were. And then there were three! I couldn't believe it. A little frog, very much like Frogman, only smaller. Frogman Jr. So now, I have spent the summer and early fall totally engrossed in my frog pond. I come home, plop down my burdens, and say "Hi guys!". If I can't spot them, I sit, center myself, relax, and study every inch of the rocks and the water's edge. Most of the time, they are there. They are just sitting, quietly hanging out, being frogs, waiting for me to slow down my over-active mind and become a part of their world. They are just so in-the-moment, my frogs. They are teaching me a great lesson.   Nancy

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  1. How amazingly cool! I completely understand the calming effects of frog watching. When we lived in CT, we had a small water feature, half a whiskey barrel sunk into the ground below a downspout, that also attracted a frog. The children creatively named it "Pond Frog." The barrel was at the corner of the house, so we passed it every time we came or went, and we ALWAYS had to stop and find Pond Frog, no matter how long it took. Of course, small children are not willing (or able) to stand still very long and soon began more actively searching for the frog, who would dive into the pond in self-defense. Many tears were shed when we had to leave Pond Frog behind in our move. I can't wait to show the kids your posting and pictures!

    Bubbles :-)