Monday, April 17, 2017

Organic Blueberries All Summer Long!

It's that time that we fill our benches with a HUGE variety of blueberries. We carry varieties that are ideal for containers, varieties that produce early, mid-season and late. The Dr. Seuss rhyme "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" is pretty perfect to describe our blueberry selection. There's a variety for everyone.  The idea is that with a few different types, you'll have fruit throughout your season. Check in with us about how many varieties you have to choose from!

Hint- our latest favorite is "Pink Lemonade" which was featured in Better Homes & Gardens 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why We Love the Organic Herb Bronze Fennel

Organically Grown Bronze Fennel 

Bronze Fennel is an understated herb that does so much hard work for the garden. Here are some of our favorite qualities of this precious herb:

1. It supports the black Eastern Swallowtail, it is a larval food source for the caterpillar
2. Tossed in salad, it adds a slight anise flavor that also aids in digestion
3. It comes back every year in Connecticut
4. It's bronze color and feathery texture offer an amazing touch of something different even in perennial beds
5. It turns a gorgeous rustic yellow color in the Fall that looks amazing in the Sun

Try bronze fennel for a reliable, useful, delicious and beautiful addition to any of your gardens. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lovely Peonies and Sturdy Peony Hoops

The earlier you prepare for supporting your peonies, the better off they will be. This year, we have sturdy, perfectly-sized hoops to support your precious peonies.

If you wait too long to put in your hoops, the peonies will grow before your eyes and flop to the ground at full-size. The weight of the blooms makes it difficult to support themselves.

In the early years of your plant, you may see some of the hoop, but as they grow into full-size, the hoop will become completely invisible and your plant will stand upright.

We can't get enough of these hoops! We remove them at the end of the season (they snap into a flat shape), store them inside over the winter, and use them again the following Spring.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Last Chance to Plant Seeds Indoors!

Some vegetable and flower seeds are best started indoors. We wouldn't be able to put tomato seeds directly in the ground and watch them grow. Instead, we bring them indoors with a seed starting kit.

The essential ingredients for successful seed starting are:
1. Heat from the bottom to warm the seeds (use a clear dome to lock in warmth and moisture)

2. Quality seed starting soil that holds in moisture (Organic Mechanics has micronutrients that support your little seed's early life)

3. Evenly distributed light once your seeds emerge.

It's April 14th and the days are getting warmer. Many of the vegetables listed below need a good head start before planting and the window of opportunity is getting smaller. Starting from seed is one of the best ways to get the most variety in your garden (for the lowest price!).

Vegetables that prefer to be started indoors:
-Tomatoes     -Broccoli         -Kohlrabi
-Eggplant      -Cauliflower    -Celeriac
-Peppers        -Cabbage         -Brussel Sprouts