Thursday, October 18, 2012

Petite and Late

Day 236
The Daily DuBrule

In this post-frost universe, any perennials just starting to bloom are really important. For years I have been planting a diminutive but very durable perennial in every garden that can accommodate it to help us get through this transition time from lush gardens to barren landscape.

Allium thunbergii 'Ozowa' is just too cute. The foliage is up in early spring and looks like a really tiny chives. The buds start forming in September and mine just opened last week. It will last into November. It stands a mere 12" tall and the clumps ever-so-slowly expand to a foot or more in diameter. They can be easily lifted and split if you want to spread this little beauty around. 

You have to locate this plant up front and close where you will notice it. I have used it in creative foundation plantings right near the front door. I have a clump in my courtyard where I sit on a big rock and commune with my frog (Frogman). I have many clumps on the edge of my sunny garden where I will surely notice them out the window of my office. I also have a white form- Allium thunbergii 'Album' which grows to the same size.

This is a fun plant that will surely turn heads of anyone walking slowly through your late fall garden and observing the details. If you ever see it offered, grab it. It's rare in the trade, but for those of us in the know, we wouldn't be without it. 

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