Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's a Beautiful Week- KEEP ON PLANTING!

What a gift we have been given, 70 degree weather in the first week of November, 2015, warm soil, blue skies, an absolutely perfect reason to keep on planting. Here is a listing of some of the plants still on our benches as of this writing:
Ice plants are great for sunny, hot slopes.
We have lots of Delospermas (ice plants), sedums of all sorts, hens and chickens, and a nice range of sun tolerant, dry soil loving perennial succulents.
Sedum  'Angelina' is bright yellow and very showy
Sedum 'Angelina' is yellow all summer and turns a pretty shade of orange in the winter.
The new Sedums  'Cherry Tart' and 'Firecracker' are wonderful low mounds of colorful foliage with September flowers of deep rose. We even have the very unusual Sedum 'Thundercloud' with cut leaves and white flowers.
 I found many large pots of Persicarias in the back and dragged them out to the benches. They are labeled 'Orangefield' and 'Blackfield' and they bloom for 2-4 months if deadheaded.
Echinacea 'Cleopatra' is a really nice, bright yellow coneflower. There are a smattering of other varieties on the benches as well.
Veronicastrum crinita is a great, native ironweed that very tall and great for butterflies. It grows 4-6' tall.
We planted up a lot of fall containers with Oregano 'Kent Belle'. These plant loves full sun and good drainage and makes a really long lasting cut flower.
There are quite a few of the burgundy leaf elderberries (Sambucus 'Black Lace'). This is a pretty foliage plant that also has soft pink flowers followed by purple berries that the birds eat right up.
There is ONE buttonbush left. This is an August blooming native shrub that has rounded, white orbs of flowers followed by the coolest round seed pods. Got clay soil? Doesn't mind a bit.
We also have some 'Polaris' blueberry bushes. They are half-high varieties, a cross between our high bush types and the low bush blueberries with the super sweet fruit found growing all over Maine. Growing only 4' tall, they are perfect for the smaller yard and have really delicious fruit.
Physocarpus 'Lemon Candy' is an eyecatcher. The new growth is brilliant, and it is a very durable, easy care border plant that grows only 6' tall. I spotted one still kicking around in the nursery yard.
We have lots of Nepeta 'Purrsian Blue'. This is a very compact catmint with pretty blue flowers. Deer don't bother them and the tidy form makes it perfect for the front of the border.
There are even some unusual perennial Alliums still out on our benches. This is Allium senescens 'Glaucum', a great little dwarf that blooms in September.

Other plants include
Iris ensata 'Variegata'- 2
Iris ensata 'Lion King'-1
Hosta 'Risky Business-2
Hosta 'Patriot'-3
Hosta 'Guacamole-2
Boehmeria nopononivea 'Nichivin'-1
Lathyrus vernus-5
Rudbeckia 'Viette's Little Suzie'-3
Baptisia 'Blue Towers'-1
Kalimeris integrifolia 'Blue Star'-2
Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'-2
Picea abies 'Acrocona'- 1
Astilbe 'Purpurkuze' (Purple Candles)-4
Gentiana semptifida 'Lagodechiana'-1

and more than I could write down or mention.

If you have your heart set on some of these plants, do call first to make sure they are still in stock.

Our half price sale on outdoor plants runs thru November 6th or until the plants are sold or planted in our gardens. Hurry in today! 



  1. I cannot believe you guys still have Kalimeris left. I keep posting on FB that this is one of the BEST PERENNIALS EVER! What else can I do?? It's definitely in my top three faves. I eyed that Physocarpus earlier this fall - spectacular. I wish I had a sunny spot for it. Of course it could have been placed next to 'Center Glow' but I didn't want to upstage it! LOL I am totally in love with Iris ensata every year, after all the spring and early summer irises have faded, this 3-4' monster blooms into action. Takes my breath away every year. Can't believe I waited so long to introduce it to my yard. Lastly, I can't even look at that Nepeta. Too perfect.

  2. Thanks Jim, spoken like a TRUE plant lover. I think that when the plants go out of bloom, if we don't have a colorful sign on them, they get overlooked. I agree, Kalimeris is an energizer bunny blooming machine. I put one variegated Iris ensata in a new location, in a garden that I see out my kitchen window. Couldn't believe how it popped when I glanced that way the next day. Keep on planting my friend.... Nancy