Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our Incredible Edibles

This year, Natureworks is doing something new and exciting.

We're not making anyone pre-order their veggies! We've still created an Incredible Edible's list that is full of new varieties (hint: there's some dwarf tomatoes we just can't stop talking about). We decided to include the stories of a lot of the types we're providing.

We chose such a wide selection of heirloom varieties partially because the flavor is beyond compare, partially because they have a rich history that makes us feel part of a homegrown food tradition.

Check it out, print at home and put stars and hearts next to varieties you're excited to try. Barring any crop failures, which do happen sometimes, we've made sure each type of veggie will be well-stocked so you get the best selection.

Not detailed on our list is a great organic herb section. We'll always have types you can't find anywhere else. Stay tuned for what selection is in store. In the meantime, peruse our 2017 Incredible Edible list! 

The Tie Die Dwarf Tomato!

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