Friday, April 14, 2017

Last Chance to Plant Seeds Indoors!

Some vegetable and flower seeds are best started indoors. We wouldn't be able to put tomato seeds directly in the ground and watch them grow. Instead, we bring them indoors with a seed starting kit.

The essential ingredients for successful seed starting are:
1. Heat from the bottom to warm the seeds (use a clear dome to lock in warmth and moisture)

2. Quality seed starting soil that holds in moisture (Organic Mechanics has micronutrients that support your little seed's early life)

3. Evenly distributed light once your seeds emerge.

It's April 14th and the days are getting warmer. Many of the vegetables listed below need a good head start before planting and the window of opportunity is getting smaller. Starting from seed is one of the best ways to get the most variety in your garden (for the lowest price!).

Vegetables that prefer to be started indoors:
-Tomatoes     -Broccoli         -Kohlrabi
-Eggplant      -Cauliflower    -Celeriac
-Peppers        -Cabbage         -Brussel Sprouts

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