Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Daily DuBrule

I just got home from a week in Atlanta, spending time with other Top Revolutionary 100 Garden Center winners for 2012. I was inspired by Jenny Gunderson, co-owner of My Garden Nursery in Mill Creek, Washington. She did a blog called "365 days of Heucheras" in 2011, writing about a different Heuchera topic every day! Wow! I thought, if she can do it, so can I. I LOVE to write. I often feel like sharing my horticultural thoughts but know that my weekly email can be too much for some folks. I am not going to focus on any one plant or subject, just a daily ramble. So...let's begin...

Day 1

The wind is howling but the sun is shining. The only snow of 2012 fell two nights ago, but it didn't pack much of a punch. I was actually relieved because of the open winter we've been having, I thought it would protect the plants. Nope. On the south side of my house, the bulbs are once again sticking up out of the ground. Time to put some more evergreen boughs down. Yesterday, on the way to work, I spotted a pussywillow plant in full catkin! This particular plant is always earlier than most, but this is crazy. So, I am venturing out to my courtyard today and picking some 'Arnold's Promise' witch hazel branches. I bet they will open pretty fast in the house. I will also pick some pussywillows. Mine are starting to crack a bit, and have been since late December. I have black ones, regular ones, and fasciated ones. It's time to get the spring fever going, a full month early this year! 

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