Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It only took a week for my witch hazel branches to open in the house!

 Day 8

Intoxicating. Spicy. The first scent of spring fills my design studio. The 'Arnold's Promise' witch hazel branches that I picked last Wednesday are in full, glorious bloom in a vase on my drawing board this morning. Heaven.

Fragrances conjure up all sorts of things. When I smell witch hazel, I immediately think of the CT Flower and Garden Show. Countless witch hazels are forced for the garden displays at the yearly pre-spring event. I always bring a huge vase of open flowers and display them high up on a book case for all to enjoy. The week that we return from the show, the last week of February, the large 'Arnold's Promise' witch hazel tree right outside the picture window at Natureworks starts to bloom. It gives us color for a month!
Last fall, my witch hazels suffered terribly in the Halloween weekend snowstorm. I never realized that they had v-shaped crotches, which are very weak. The leaves were on the trees and a foot of wet, heavy snow fell. They split apart. I was determined to save them. Based on the advice of seasoned nurserymen after the terrible ice storms of the winter of 2011, I tried bolting them together. I am thrilled to say so far so good. The flower buds on both my yellow and purple witch hazels are plump and healthy.  

As I continue to design and develop my own personal patch of paradise, fragrant plants are high on my list of criteria. Sitting here today inhaling the spicy scent of witch hazel has made a huge difference in my mood. I gives me hope. Spring is coming. The flower buds on the early blooming plants already know it!

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  1. Nice! Got to bring some branches of mine in - I got "Strawberries & Cream" at the Hardy Plant Symposium two or three years ago. (There's a pic on this page - it's got more red than Arnold...: