Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grateful for the Garden

Day 249
The Daily DuBrule

It is the last day of Thanksgiving weekend and it's been a whirlwind. I traveled to northern MA on Thursday, back on Friday. Saturday was Small Business Saturday in the store and it was insanely busy and lots of fun. This morning is the first chance I've had to catch my breath. 

I have been thinking about how grateful I am to have a garden that I love so much. My garden feeds my soul, calms me down, and sustains me through all the trials and tribulations of my daily life. This photo essay takes you through the year so far to illustrate this idea. Enjoy...
January: the winter was so mild I was able to force 'Crimson and Gold' quince that lasted for weeks
February: "Midwinter Fire' dogwoods glow at sunset. I placed them so carefully to get this effect and it worked!

March: winter aconite grace my favorite saying. They spread like crazy in one year!

April: garlic and purple tulips, a delightful design experiment

May: heaven is when my wisteria is in bloom. I love to sit beneath it and listen to the bees buzzing

June: the pond makes me sit and relax

July: abundance fills my heart with joy

August: goldfinches and sunflowers sing happy songs

September: Bella is timid but not when I am outside with her in the garden

October:I  moved this moss from the north side of the garage to the pond. The bright green color catches my eye every day.

November: 'Bright Lights' chard still glows like the sun on a summer day so late in the season

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