Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rose Outside my Window

Day 242
The Daily DuBrule

When I designed my landscape, fragrance was on of my key criteria. Call me crazy, but I purposely put a 'Gertrude Jekyll' David Austin rose right outside of my downstairs bathroom window. I open the shades and admire it more often than you would imagine.

On Monday, as hurricane Sandy raged outside, I regularly checked my curly willow tree opposite the downstairs bathroom to see how it was faring. This is a very weak tree and had broken to pieces twice last year- once during the January ice storm and again in the October snowstorm. I had an arborist do a lot of pruning on this tree and all of my trees a few months ago, an expense I do not regret now that the storm has passes and all of my trees were fine. 

Every time I looked at the trees rocking in the wind, I couldn't help but notice one perfect pink rose, right up close to the house, undisturbed by the hurricane. It became a symbol of hope for me. I couldn't believe it, hour after hour- a perfect, pink blossom. 

When I woke up Tuesday morning and daylight dawned, I naturally ran to the window to see what damage the night winds and rain had brought. The trees were still fine. The rose was finally blown to bits. But I am grateful to it for giving me something beautiful to focus on and take away some of my fears during this extreme October hurricane. 

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