Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The August Lily

Day 188
The Daily DuBrule

Sometimes it's the common, old fashioned flowers that melt my heart. It's the middle of August and Hosta plantaginea is in full, glorious bloom. There is nothing fancy about the look of this hosta. The leaves are plain-Jane green, oval, nothing that would ever turn your head during the rest of the growing season. It's when the blossoms open that you realize why this hosta continues to be popular and has stood the test of time.
Look at the size of the flowers! Then, inhale their sweet perfume. I love the squeals of delight when I pick a flower and tell the garden walkers on Saturday to check this out. They can't believe it! People rarely grow hostas for their flowers, they are known as a foliage plant. On a sultry August evening, when my deck is surrounded by these beauties, the night air is filled with their perfume and all is right with the world. 

Hosta plantaginea has been used as the parent of a new generation of fragrant hostas with large, flaring tubular white flowers. The new ones have much fancier foliage. 'Guacamole', 'Fried Green Tomatoes', and many more are all great choices if you want amazing, fragrant flowers in August. For me, there is something just right about the original August lily, green leaves and all.


  1. I never knew this hosta's name until now. I was delighted to see buds and blooms on my two plants yesterday and take in their scent! You see, they were HUGE and I had divided them in spring, so wasn't sure I'd see any blooms at all this year.

  2. They are so beautiful and I love the scent