Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tracy's Treasure

Day 183
The Daily DuBrule

I love summer phlox. I love the scent of the flowers, the large size of each panicle, and the fact that they add a giant punch of color in August. This year, most of my Phlox paniculata plants bloomed in July and are winding down now that August has arrived. Not 'Tracy's Treasure'. This variety is reliably late, even in a crazy year like 2012. She is just starting to bloom with soft pink flowers on 4 foot tall plants. She lives in my courtyard where she glows with her pretty pale pink color in the evening twilight when I am outside relaxing.

'Tracy's Treasure' is named for Tracy Disabato-Aust. She is the author of The Well Tended Perennial Garden, a manual of how to care for plants that I consider "the bible". She is the person who introduced to me the concept of pinching plants back to double the bloom period. If a plant is named in her honor, I assume it will be a good one. And it is.

'Tracy's Treasure' is really clean, with very little mildew, none most years. It is vigorous and carefree. But what I really appreciate most of all is that is a reliable August bloomer. This variety is a keeper.

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