Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It Was Worth It

Day 161
The Daily DuBrule

Last week I was on vacation. How fortunate that my amazing Oriental and O.T. (Oriental/trumpet cross) lilies decided to bloom for me when I actually had time to enjoy them. The intoxicating fragrance fills my yard, my deck, and even my home. It greets you as you arrive and lulls you into a deep relaxation when you sit outside. I've had some family visiting and my sister and I sat out late into the night talking and enjoying the sweet perfume. I cut a fresh bouquet to celebrate my aunt's 90th birthday and her home was filled with the fragrance as well. There truly is nothing better for someone whose main criteria for the garden is fragrance.
The view from my deck

It was not easy to get to this point. The dreaded red lily leaf beetle showed up in March, arriving with the early spring. I started scouting and squishing right around St. Patrick's Day. It was a daily or twice daily ritual. I have located my precious lilies to places where they are easy to check. They are in my courtyard, by my seating wall, by the steps to my deck, and by the door of my garage. I never pass by without dipping down and examining the undersides of the leaves for the beetles or their eggs. I actually didn't spray Neem or Spinosad or Pyrethrum once. My plants aren't perfect but when they are in bloom, a few holes in the leaves are not noticed. 

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