Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Blues

Day 168
The Daily DuBrule

There's blue, there's purple, and then there's "blurple" which designers use to describe a flower that looks blue until it is placed next to a truly blue flower. True blue is actually a pretty rare color in the garden. That is why I love tropical Plumbago auriculata. It is the color of the sky on a beautiful day. Not a trace of purple in site.

The fun thing about this plant is that it is also called the corsage flower. At the base of every floret there are sticky glands. If you pick a blossom and gently place it on your shirt, it will stick! 

Nowadays, tropical plants are commonly used in containers on terraces and decks. Plumbago is a wonderful choice for this purpose. As the summer heats up this plant kicks into high gear, blooming profusely until the days get shorter and the sun loses its strength up here in our northern gardens. 

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