Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laughing at the Heat

'South Seas'
Day 167
The Daily DuBrule

I just love daylilies. For a few years I was sick of them. Not that I ever really didn't like them, I just thought "ho hum, daylilies. Big deal." Now I am singing a different tune. What changed? First of all, I expanded my horizons and discovered tons of new varieties that bloom a lot longer than the older forms. Then I started looking at flower size, range of color, succession of bloom... Let's just say I have gained a new respect for this humble flower.
'Francis of Assisi'

They laugh at the heat. Because each flower is only open for one day, it simply drops off and a new one opens. You don't have to worry about faded blossoms and fancy deadheading or pick at your plants. When all the buds on a flower stalk are done, chop it to the base. 

Nowadays, lots of daylilies are repeat bloomers. This doesn't mean that are everblooming, it means they cycle in and out of bloom. It all started with good old 'Stella D'Oro'; she has given rise to an abundance of dwarf repeat bloomers. This changed the daylily world forever.

I love the fact that daylilies come in so many forms. Spiders fascinate me. I grow two soft yellow ones that marry with all summer flowers:
'Ladyfingers' is a lemon yellow

'Spider Miracle' is a little brighter

Daylilies say summer to me. I have them in all of the gardens close to my house, dotting them about individually for a punch of color amongst the Stokesia and Echinacea daisies, the spikes of Veronicastrum, and clouds of Calamintha.

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