Thursday, July 26, 2012


Day 173
The Daily DuBrule

Sometimes a plant is so perfectly named that you just shake your head in wonder. I purchased a couple of Love-in-a-Puff plants (Cardiospermum) this summer. They are annual vines that I have always read about but have never grown. As far as drama queens go, these plants win last place. Teeny tiny white flowers bloom continuously. The pods are in fact puffy and resemble smaller, apple-green versions of Chinese lanterns. It is a delicate vine, finely textured, but it certainly hasn't turned any heads or emitted squeals of delight from my staff or customers. That is until one of the pods finally ripened and Kassie peeled it open and showed me the seeds. 

Oh my God! They are little black beads with perfectly formed white hearts on each seed. How cute is that! I immediately put them in my pocket and started handing them out to people. Grow a little love, give a little love, this vine is really cool! I get it.

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