Friday, March 30, 2012

Change is Constant

Day 71
The Daily DuBrule

I was driving down Rt. 22, heading back to Natureworks after a VERY long day on the road. I rounded the curve and my shop suddenly appeared in the horizon. Wow! Why was that so unusual? For the past 15 years, you couldn't see Natureworks as you approached from the north because a thick tangle of invasives had grown up between us and the factory next door. The former owner was very protective of "the line" and became very upset if we tried to clear this horrible mess. The line itself was unclear.

Enter the wonderful new owner, enlightened environmentalists who are deeply committed to making our section of town beautiful. They had a proper survey done and I was thrilled to see that I had gained quite a few feet which we desperately need. Together we hatched a deal. They would arrange for all of the invasives to be cut down and hauled away. We would plant a really pretty border that would be wildlife friendly.

It was actually quite shocking to see the property line cleared. As dangerous and messy as it was (half dead trees just waiting to crash down on our plant benches during the next wet snow, big thick poison ivy and bittersweet vines everywhere), we had grown used to this cocoon of greenery embracing the retail store. I am sure the birds had too as it provided a lot of shelter for them. I feel guilty about that. 

Another thing I think about is where does all of that cut bittersweet go? No matter where you dump it, you are still spreading the invasive seeds. These are tough questions with no good answers.

All I can do is carry on, restoring this space to the most wonderful wildlife habitat garden I can dream up as quickly as I can. It's spring and it's a BUSY spring and this is not going to happen overnight. But trust me, it's going to happen and all creatures great and small will eventually benefit. For now, at least you won't accidentally drive by Natureworks anymore because you didn't see it as you approached. That's the short term blessing.

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  1. Oh good, I won't have to slam on the breaks at the last minute as I'm daydreaming driving to Natureworks anymore. I'll actually see it before I'm there. :o)