Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Day 55 
The Daily DuBrule

So am teaching my basic design class tonight at the Zion Episcopal Church in North Branford. This church backs up to lots of inland wetlands. Of course its been amazingly mild and warm for the past few days. I didn't have much time to linger while setting up but in my mind one word kept repeating over and over...peepers! 

I happened to mention this to the class. I have had quite a bout of spring fever lately with 70 degree temperatures, soft winds, flowers opening before my eyes. One student said "they're here!" She told me to listen when I stepped outside after class. She was right! The first peepers of the season! 

What a magical sound. It strikes deep at the heartstrings. It drills down into my psyche. Once you hear the peepers, there's no turning back. It's a milestone of the spring (or in this case pre-spring) season. 

I should have known this day was right around the corner. On Saturday afternoon, when I left class, I went back to Natureworks to unload my car. I opened the door and stepped outside. The joyous sound of a bright red cardinal singing joyously in a tree top at the edge of the parking lot made me jerk my head instantaneously. It was SO loud. Look at me. I'm singing to the universe. This is my season. Join me and sing too! I broke into a broad grin.

Little by little, the tiny milestones that mark the entry of springtime are unfolding. It's a couple of weeks early but I'm not complaining. It is such a welcome gift, an early and gorgeous March. I am appreciating every minute of it. 

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