Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Weary Despite the Weather

Snow crocus were very happy today!
Day 46
The Daily DuBrule

I should be so grateful that today turned out sunny and in the 50's. Oh how my soul ached to spend quality time outside. I've had the blues for a while and I think its just the month of March that does it to me. It was such a mild winter, and then for the past week it's been snowing and yucky and gray and cold. Being a lover of the outdoors and a gardener, I long for flowers and food I can pick and warmth and everything that comes with it. I mean really, I have no right to complain. Yet I wandered about my yard, and I wandered aimlessly around the grounds of Natureworks, looking for every single sign of life, every tidbit of color I could find. Snowdrops. Hellebores. Iris reticulata. Scilla. Witch hazels. Pussywillows. Winter aconite. Winter jasmine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Been there, done that. Does anyone know what I am talking about? 

March is just the most FRUSTRATING month. We've only just begun, yet it will be endless waiting and frustration and wishing and hoping and hanging on every single sign of spring. Despite the non-winter, I am still DONE with it. I feel like a whining, crabby, selfish person. My God, there was a foot of snow up north. That ought to set your spring thoughts back a bit and offer you a bite of a reality sandwich! We've just had flakes and frizzle and dustings and a bit of ice. Come on, Nancy, GROW UP!

I get like this every year. Winter is hard work in my business. Planning, ordering, organizing, and working hard for very little reward. Getting ready. Getting organized. I realize now that my soul is fed by nature. Deeply and totally. Walking outdoors in a gray landscape has its merits, but give me a lush, fragrant, sensual garden any day to soothe my soul. 

I will just stick my head my vase of spicy witch hazel, take a giant whiff of this marvelous bouquet of spring that lives on my desktop, and keep it together for a little while longer. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I am home for 3mos welcoming our new arrival, Alex - Olivia's "slightly" older brother. I wander the yard daily...DAILY...looking for something that I didn't see the day before. While Alex seeks out the coldest wettest muddiest spot to trample in, I'm constantly looking for new signs of life. We were thoroughly spoiled in Jan/Feb and feel as if March is going to be a natural progression of that trend. But, it's March, and March NEVER spoils you here in CT!