Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Ready for 60 Degrees

Aren't they neat? As the black pussywillows emerge, they pop their "caps"!
Hyacinth buds

Day 49
The Daily DuBrule

Let's take a visual tour of my yard today. On the south side of my back garage, all the hyacinths are in bud. The black pussywillows are popping their "caps", at least that is what they look like to me! The peony buds are emerging from the soil so be VERY careful when you are walking around. I almost stepped on them as I leaned in close to take a picture of some variegated tulip leaves nearby.
Variegated tulip foliage with a pretty pink edge

Peony buds are emerging-I almost stepped on them!
Roses leaf buds are swelling fast. It's time to prune!
Everywhere I look, signs of life say it's spring! It feels like early April to me. The light in the afternoon is so long and lingering and gorgeous. I forced myself to stay glued to the drawing board all day, but admit I took quite a few breaks to take photos of the life emerging. Funny thing, if you check on things once an hour on a day like today, you can actually see the progress of the buds growing and swelling. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 65 degrees. We are sure going to see some action then. Stay tuned...

Winter aconite flowers push hard against the soil. Being reborn every year isn't easy!
My first large flowering crocus opened in my sunny southern alcove. It looks so pretty with the winter jasmine vine in full bloom behind it.
I'm happy to report the Iris reticulata survived last week's snow storm just fine. More and more keep emerging.

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  1. Pretty! I was doing some cleanup in my gardens today and saw peony buds - actually, one of my peonies is 3 inches high already! eep! having a blast pruning my roses, panicle hydrangeas and taking the old top growth off lots of other stuff. I even have a couple of creeping phloxes (nivalis and subulata) that each have a few flowers on them!