Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabulous Foliage

Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'
Day 44
The Daily DuBrule

Every once in a while a foliage plant really grabs my attention. Last week at the CT Flower Show, Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse' just kept saying "look at me!". Heucherellas are a cross between Heucheras and Tiarellas. Tons of breeding work has gone on with this genus, and the general public seems unexcited. As a garden center owner, these are not hot sellers. BUT, as a garden designer, Heucherellas, if chosen carefully, can be wonderful shade garden plants.

The thing I like about this particular one is the lime green edges that just glow. I imagine it in combination with the newest Hellebores, whose flowers go from white to lime green as they age. What a stunning marriage. I can see it with golden leaf hostas, in fact, with almost any hostas. And ferns, imagine the possibilities. 

Deer resistant, drought resistant, great foliage structure... what more could a garden designer ask?

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  1. That is neat... I'll have to get a couple. I'm remaking my arbor garden into a shade garden (read: I'm come to terms that it doesn't get enough sun for the stuff that's in it currently...) and want some nice foliage plants in there. I think I only have one heucherella right now - but I think they're pretty.