Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Gift of Solitude

Day 127
The Daily DuBrule

This week, no matter where I went to plant gardens, I didn't have enough plants with me. I was mostly planting annuals and tropicals in containers and borders. The properties I was working on laughed in the face of a truckload (or a barge load) of plants. Friday I went alone to two beautiful seaside gardens to finish up. The day before Memorial Day weekend is usually chaos. Workman coming and going, everyone scurrying about fixing things and opening the pool and making sure everything is in working order. I was astounded to find myself alone in some of the prettiest gardens I tend.

Being alone while gardening is a rare occurrence for me. If I don't have a crew with me I am at Natureworks being peppered with questions. What a gift! I relaxed into the work and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It rained a bit and my knees were muddy but that didn't bother me. I listened to the birds and the waves and had a day of solitude before a busy Saturday at the garden center. 


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