Monday, May 28, 2012


Day 128
The Daily DuBrule

Yesterday I went out to the vegetable garden to prepare for planting my tomatoes. I quickly realized that if I didn't thin my radish seedlings immediately, I would not have a good crop. Thinning is such a crazy thing to do. I have to force myself to thin my plants. After all the work involved in preparing the seed bed, carefully rolling the seeds in Organic Plant Magic dehydrated compost tea powder, and successfully timing the root crop planting with the phase of the moon, it seems like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY RADISH SEEDS SPROUTED. I guess that's what I wanted, but I thought I had so carefully sowed them far apart. Oh well. I proceeded to sit on the edge of the raised bed and remove almost half of my precious seedlings. 

One tiny radish was actually ready. I washed it and popped it into my mouth. It was crispy and spicy. That helped my mood. Knowing that by thinning out the rest of the radishes I would have hundreds of these yummy radishes in a week or so made me happy. It will make my husband even happier. He LOVES radishes.

When I explained to him what I did in the garden, he was dumbfounded. He had never heard of thinning nor could he wrap his mind around the concept. All he knows is that when the radishes are sitting in a bowl, drenched in red wine vinegar and olive oil, and he is gorging on radish salads day after day, whatever it is that I do is worth it.

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