Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Madness

Day 127
The Daily DuBrule

The holy grail of holidays is coming up. For a landscaper, "get it done by Memorial Day" are the marching orders from most of the clients. This is simply impossible to do and makes for an insane couple of weeks. Why Memorial Day? It marks the official start of summer, which is crazy since summer really begins 24 days after this holiday. It used to mark the date of the last frost and was the official tomato planting day. Now that date, at least where I am, is around the middle of May. Tomatoes can certainly continue to be planted on May 29th and well beyond. It has been the traditional date to get your annuals in. Guess what. Some of the most unusual annuals I have ever seen are just beginning to arrive. They weren't ready earlier. I plant this stuff all throughout June. Perennials and shrubs? No need for a deadline here. 

Still, the pressure is on and the old paradigm remains. That is why people in my business collapse in puddle of mush on the floor on Memorial Day and sleep in the sun. It's a crazy week to be a professional gardener.

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