Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drive by Wildflowers

Day 77
The Daily DuBrule

You really don't want to drive behind my car at this time of year. I am constantly scanning the roadside for stands of native wildflowers. If I see them, I slow down, some times I even pull over. That's what happened today. Diane and I were just coming back from a consultation when I spotted a huge patch of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis). I LOVE this plant. I love the way the scalloped leaves stand upright and unfold. I love the purity of the white flowers. It's really just amazing to see hundreds of them in bloom on the side of a busy road. I did a quick turn in the next driveway, then another turn, pulled over, put on my blinkers, and Diane grabbed my camera. Of course, this was on a really dangerous curve at rush hour. I felt like I was taking my life in my hands but... we got the shots!

The sad part of this story is that garlic mustard, that horrible invasive herbaceous weed, was also growing on the same hillside. It was trying to take over this bloodroot patch. It probably will succeed unless someone decides to step in and dig it out. At the very least, cutting off the flowers will keep from reseeding. I have watched this type of thing happen so many times. I go out of my way at this time of year to drive by my favorite secret stands of these precious beauties. It is with a sinking heart that I often discover the spot encased in honeysuckle or multiflora rose or some other thug. 
Garlic mustard invading the bloodroot.

We just have to keep spreading the word and doing our part in our part of this planet to encourage this beautiful wildness in our midst. 

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