Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm In Love...with a Heuchera!

Day 83
The Daily DuBrule

This 365 days-in-a-row blog was inspired by a fellow garden center owner on the west coast who did the same thing only she posted every single day about Heucheras! Geez! I did not want to limit myself to simply one genus so I decided to keep my blog options open. But tonight, as Diane and I were winding down from an insane Tuesday filled with surprises and stresses and challenges galore, I decided to have fun with the plants for a little bit. Diane is such a wonderful photographer that I couldn't help but dangle my new favorite plant in front of her- Heuchera 'Solar Flare'. Not for the faint of heart, this foliage plant par excellance is bold, bright, and a bit garish. As we wandered around the nursery trying to find some plants to pair it with, we finally settled on Sedum 'Angelina' and the magnificent daffodil 'Tahiti'. Wowie zowie, that is a combination to knock your proverbial socks off.

Sometimes, you just have to be bold. Pick a plant, find an exciting partner or two, and play with the plants. That's the spirit. Kudos to Diane who is such a masterful photographer that she was able to capture this combo in the waning light of a crazy April day.

The Daily DuBrule

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