Thursday, April 19, 2012

There's a NECKLACE in my pond

Day 92
The Daily DuBrule

I've been meaning to clean out my pond for the past two weeks. Time to strain out the algae, pull the pump out of the garage, hook it all up, plug it in, and voila. Instant relaxation. I love to sit on the wall, glass of Bordeaux in hand, after a hard day at work and relax. I've just been too busy to deal with it. Good thing too.

Last week I was astounded by the relentless and really loud mating calls of the gray tree frogs in my yard. Although the websites I consulted said "you'll never spot them" I marched out one day and there the little guy was, just exactly like the picture on the website. So, I have been visiting my pond constantly, seeing if I can spot him again. 

Yesterday, as I looked around the water, I saw what looked like a long, tangled string of tiny black beads. Really long. Like many yards long. Curly and twisted and running all along the bottom of the pond. How cool. I got a stick and picked a piece of it up and put it on the rock in the middle of the pond. It was totally gelatinous and goupy. Yuck. I had the feeling it was some kind of frog eggs, so off to the internet I went.

Sure as shootin, this WAS frog eggs. Actually, I think it was toad eggs as the gray tree frog eggs tend to be in masses, not strings. I was so fascinated. I went back out, camera in hand, and almost fell in I got so close. I got some good pictures too. 

Lo and behold, my next visit to the pond (1/2 hour later, I couldn't stay away, it was too tempting to keep going and looking) I marched out and immediately, the toad in the picture on the internet was right before my eyes on the big rock saying "Hi! Here I am! The toad that laid those eggs." Then he plopped into the water and I haven't seen him since, but that's not for lacking of looking... 

Last week, when I spotted the gray tree frog on the rock, a snake slithered out of the pond. I was really worried the snake was going to eat the frog. Well, snakes eat frog eggs. Who knew? 

What an amazing ecosystem I've got going in my own back yard. Now I am waiting to clean the pond and get the waterfall going because I want to observe the toad eggs develop. That is if the snake doesn't eat them first. 


  1. So cool...LOVE this! How long until they hatch? I have to look that up!

  2. You’ll be surprised what you can find in your pond when you clean it. It is relaxing working on your pond, isn’t it? Afterwards you’ll definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something big. It’s a good exercise too. Oh and you saw a snake? You better watch out for it. It might break into your house and cause some trouble.
    Jeleryl Comisky

  3. It’s a bit scary to have a snake in your pond, but as long as it’s not doing any harm, I guess it’s okay to let it be. It might eat that frog and the other critters on your pond, though. Anyway, having a healthy ecosystem in your pond is a proof that you’re taking care of it properly. Great job! =)

    Richelle Loughney

  4. ggreat info thanks I have also witnessed this necklace goo in my pond and there was a frog sitting there looking at me well I thought it was a frog (unfortunately mine didn't talk though) cant wait for them to hatch. we also have a large dollop of frogs spawn and it looks very different so I imagine the necklace goo is toads eggs. how fascinating.

  5. btw my brother lost a snake so if you see it again, if its brown and orange it might be ned!