Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Earth Rejoices

Day 95
The Daily DuBrule

I am thrilled to hear the sound of a long, steady rain falling upon our parched earth. How fitting it is that the spring drought has ended on Earth Day. Mother Earth rejoices. It was getting kind of scary, just how bone dry it had become. Thursday evening and Saturday morning I did perennial division demonstrations at Natureworks. As far down as I could dig with my shovel the soil was dust bowl dry. Not a drop of moisture to be found. The soil simply fell off of the roots as I lifted the clumps onto my tarp.

I have been trying very hard to water my vegetable seedlings but I admit I wasn't as diligent as I should have been due to the extremely busy spring season we've been having. My spinach finally sprouted but then shriveled up in the 90 degree heat on Monday. One entire bed of red lettuce never sprouted at all. The peas all appeared last Tuesday, after waiting for two weeks. Now that we are having deep soaking rains, I should see a lot more action AND the weeds are going to go CRAZY!

I'll take it. I would rather have extra weeding to do in exchange for happy plants. Plus, many of my fellow gardeners and I have been secretly sharing with each other just how unsettling it has been, this extreme dryness and heat so early in the season. I guess we need to be ready for just about anything during these strange times on our planet earth. 

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