Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Fun Experiment

Day 207
The Daily DuBrule  

This spring I planted a really gorgeous and delicious lettuce from Renee's Garden called 'Sea of Red'. It lasted well into early summer and kept producing leaves as long as I kept picking it and eating it. I grew it not just to eat it but to test it for edible landscaping. It passed the test with flying colors. It actually looked so red and interesting this summer that I left it alone and let it go to seed. This week it flowered and I was struck by how pretty it is, especially erupting from within a sea of bright green purple snap bean foliage dotted with purple flowers. It just makes me smile. I often let my lettuce go to seed as I find tons of babies the following spring. Sometimes they are in the aisles between my raised beds but I can always spot them. 'Sea of Red' and whatever babies she may produce should stand right out.

A bit of 'Ruby Streaks' mustard has joined the party

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