Friday, September 14, 2012

Pink and Blue

Day 213
The Daily DuBrule

Somehow my garden has ended up being pink and blue for the past few weeks. When I first started gardening I played with a very safe palette- pink, blue, purple, soft yellow...easy to do for a beginner. Decades later I am proud to say that I LOVE color. Give me rich corals, deep reds, glowing orange,you name it, I grow it. Yet, as I walk around my main perennial border right now, it's back to pink and blue. 

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' came with the house and, of course, I split it and spread it around. Eupatorium coelestinum (perennial ageratum) was added on purpose as I love to use it as a cut flower and am not at all afraid of its spreading tendencies as it is shallow rooted. I have dispersed it throughout my yard. Together they make a nice pair. When you study garden design, one of the main principles is to combine different forms, textures, and shapes together. This is not what my pink and blue combination does. These two are rounded, fuzzy balls of color. What makes it work is that they echo each other. Perennial ageratum is a weaver so it isn't just next to the sedum, it is intertwined with it. 

As I look around I see more combinations. My dwarf balloon flowers are blooming again after I cut them to the ground a month ago. They self seed everywhere and marry well with the sedum. Pink asters drape onto the perennial ageratum. A lingering pink perennial Hibiscus blooms amongst the ageratum. Pink and blue everywhere. So pretty.

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