Sunday, September 16, 2012

Persian Shield

Day 215
The Daily DuBrule 

I love purple. Anyone who knows me knows that. The first time I saw Strobilanthes (Persian shield) I was in love. The leaves on this annual are irridescent, there is no other way to describe them. They tolerate full sun or partial shade. Given a nice big pot, rich organic soil, and regular watering, a 4" perennial can grow into a large specimen in one summer.

This year I gave mine the place of honor by the garage. I inherited a giant pot from my Dad's house which I decided would be the perfect planter to greet me each day. I simply combined Strobilanthes with a purple Callabrichoe. It has been the easiest and most successful planting I've ever put in this location. 

I have tried to bring this plant in for the winter. I cut it back hard and it flowered with purple flowers. It wasn't an easy plant to keep and I eventually gave up. For me, buying one small plant a year is the way to go. 

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