Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Vegetables

Day 205
The Daily DuBrule

Have you ever watched vegetables being born? This week I have time to stop and really absorb the workings of my vegetable garden. Aside from harvesting, weeding, staking, and squishing bean beetles, I have seen quite a few tender treasures that I will share with you. My July sowings have yielded abundantly and soon I will be eating purple beans. They turn green when you cook them so my husband will like that. He doesn't go for vegetable with "different" colors.
One of my customers urged me to try yellow zucchini. She was right, it is NOT the same as yellow summer squash and it is wonder. It only takes a day for a pollinated flower to grow a baby squash.
My tomatoes are producing like crazy and the new growth is the healthiest so I let it keep going. Now you understand why they call the bottom of the tomato the blossom end.
I have been struggling like mad to grow cucumbers. They keep growing but the leaves get yellow splotches despite water and organic fertilizer. Anyway, the cucumbers are forming so I have high hopes. 

I am having way too much fun with my camera!

The Daily DuBrule

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