Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Day 209
The Daily DuBrule

I just returned from five wonderful days in Vermont. What a state! No billboards, stunning mountain views wherever you look, tons of local and organic food, truly a great place to unwind. 

A few weeks ago a customer of mine who has a second home in Stowe told me to check out her favorite nursery in Vermont: Cady's Falls Nursery in Morrisville, VT. Despite my deep need to relax and forget about all things business, I couldn't resist a field trip to this place, especially after looking at their beautiful

It was a mere five miles north of Stowe, tucked away off the main road. I was SO happy we made the trip. This is one of the nicest nurseries I have visited in a long time. I bought a bunch of rare and unusual shade plants and my husband shook his head in wonder- "You don't already have these plants in your nursery?". Nope. I bought plants I didn't know and wanted to play with. Saruma henryi. Cimicifuga japonica 'Dwarf White'. I even bought a hosta! I couldn't resist Hosta 'Grand Slam' because the flowers are purple and white striped and so fluffy and pretty and floriferous. And the leaves are heart shaped and cupped and so different. 

I WISH I could find the time to go up for a visit in the spring. If you explore their website you will see that they specialize in nursery propagated ladyslipper orchids. They also have all kinds of unusual peonies, including this one which I photographed because the September seed pod made me drop to my knees to scramble for the plant name tag. Thankfully, these horticulturists label everything in their gardens. Thank you for that!


Anyway, if you are ever in Vermont, you MUST check this place out. 

Cady's Falls Nursery
637 Duhamel Rd.
Morrisville, VT. 05661

The owners, Don and Lela Avery, were not there when I visited but when I meet them some day I will be sure to tell them how impressed I was. I will be back next year. 

P.S. My pictures don't do this place justice. Explore their website, you will love it!


  1. That's going to go on the list of must visit nurseries for next spring....

  2. P. obovata is definitely on my list - love the seed pods!