Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before the Snow

My Iris reticulata bulbs emerged and flowered on Tuesday. I covered them with a loose tent of evergreen boughs to protect them from the snow tonight.

If you watch carefully you will see the bulbs pushing the mulch and earth upwards. Imagine the power of a flower to do this! It blows my mind.
 Day 42
The Daily DuBrule

Ah the threat of snow caused the postponement of tonight's talk at Elizabeth Park on blended gardens. It will take place on Wednesday evening, March 14th so mark your calendars and BE THERE!

I was working from home all day with tons of stuff to accomplish. Aside from the day to day workings of Natureworks, I finished a really interesting and creative plan for a client in Branford. When I finally get to settle down to my drawing board and design, nothing makes me happier.
My motto. What I wouldn't give to really be able to get out there and garden right now. March is a tease.
Before the first flakes fell I wandered around my yard taking closeup pictures. I guess I was expecting a blizzard like last winter, or last October. Instead, this mild snow fell gently and I hope it didn't disturb the life that is emerging from my soil a few weeks early.
Overnight in my courtyard snow crocus and snowdrops bloomed. These will have no problem laying low with the snow and ice, only to emerge and bloom again.

When I walk of of my garage door I am greeted by snowdrops and Helleborus niger. What a pretty combination.
Everywhere I look there is something to delight me. The wonders of the February garden are nothing like the summer garden. Every precious bloom is a gift to be celebrated. A storm like the one we are having tonight would not even have been a blip on the radar screen last winter. Yet, I am relieved my talk was postponed. When my husband got home from work (he works 75 miles away) he said the roads were really slippery and no one should go out if they didn't have too. Okay then, I am home, I am safe, I have a vase of cut witch hazel to make me happy and a completed design on my drawing board. That is enough for now.

My witch hazel just keeps blooming. I am inhaling the spicy fragrance of a vase full of cut branches as I write this. Of course I cut them before the snow started falling...

What fun! I stripped off the bottom of the cut witch hazel branches to prepare to put them in a vase and used them as a very temporary top dressing on my trough garden filled with succulents that have never gone dormant this winter.

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  1. I got a kick out of walking around outside tuesday afternoon. I have more crocus starting to flower, and two open flowers on Pulmonaria 'Redstart' (probably my favorite lungwort. kind of boring leaves, but so early and nice and red!). Need to diagnose my witch hazel though. No sign of flowers, but it's alive... it scratches green. Weird. And going to go out and chop my montauk daisies as soon as I get some potting soil to root the chopped bits in. :)