Friday, February 3, 2012

Variegated Corn!

This year, try variegated corn plants for the back of your border!
I spotted it growing at Wave Hill 

Day 16
The Daily DuBrule

This week I am in Boston, attending a series of workshops about plants and running a gardening business. One of the highlights of my trip so far has been to meet and hear Dennis Schrader, author of Hot Plants for Cool Climates, talk about outrageous tropicals. Being a lover of the unusual, I just sat there looking at all of these amazing plants imagining the new possibilities for my gardens and containers. 

Two summers ago I took a trip to Wave Hill in New York. If you haven't been there, you just have to go. It is a horticultural paradise in a grand setting. One of the hundreds of plants I admired was variegated corn. Since then, I have stocked the seed of this easy to grow annual on my seed racks. Not too many people noticed. I now realize I just have to plant some in my demonstration gardens.

Imagine six foot tall stalks of green, white, and pink striped foliage, complete with corn and tassels. At the very least, it will add a fast growing, cheerful backdrop to your perennial garden. Better yet, everyone who comes to visit your garden will look at it, scrunch up their forehead, and eventually say... "isn't that CORN?". 

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