Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flowers Having Fun

Lupines embrace a rose
Day 25
The Daily DuBrule

I am in a playful mood today. I have spent a lot of time lately picking out fun photos of "plants in love" or "fooling around". I get such a kick out of coming upon this secret love life that flowers have. It is delightful to think that every day is Valentine's Day to the flowers in our world!

I have also been thinking about the principle of Feng Shui that to enliven your relationship sector you should use powerful symbols of love (such as hearts) or things in pairs.

How fitting it is to study these images when the rest of the world is turning to commercial displays of love. 

Say it with flowers!
Peas lovingly intertwine with 'Bull's Blood' beets

   Breadseed poppies with twin caps

Broom blooms with yellow Doronicum daisy
The happy couple- a pair of Allium 'Mt.Everest' flowers have a baby floret

'Gold Plate' yarrow popping out of the middle of a hydrangea
The bees made a smiley face on my self sown giant sunflower!

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