Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walk Ins Welcome

Anemone japonica 'Crispa', a ruffled leaf form of Japanese Anemone
Day 31
The Daily DuBrule

I am sitting on my living room couch trying to catch my breath after a CRAZY day. I taught a class on Fabulous Ferns and Foliage Plants today. I had 15 people registered. I made some extra slide lists and got there 45 minutes early, thinking I was totally organized and on top of the world. Little did I know all hell was about to break loose. First of all, I forgot my projector. My husband (known tonight as "Dudley Do-Right, my hero") drove like a bat out of hell down to North Branford and delivered just in the knick of time. Meanwhile, 23 people WALKED IN. Oh my goodness, I was totally unprepared for this. I didn't have enough slide lists, nor enough sign up sheets. 

Eventually, it all came together. 12 hours+ of preparation paid off and I showed lots of slides of amazing shade plants to a very receptive crowd. If you were there, I thank you for your patience and understanding as I worked out the kinks of my disorganized day.  But we had FUN! Plus, I picked a ton of flowers and foliages from the garden for show and tell. Bergenia, black mondo grass, Hellebores in bloom, witch hazel, winter jasmine, Heuchera foliage, and more. It was tons of fun and reminded me once again why I love to teach. 

Creeping raspberry- gorgeous all season foliage underplanting Hellabores
My voice is gone, I am exhausted but happy, and Dudley Do-Right is making me dinner. It just doesn't get any better than this. 
Lamium maculatum 'Aureum' loves the shade and simply GLOWS

Silver Pulmonarias add much needed light to shady spots

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