Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hard Day's Night

Helianthus 'Happy Days'
Day 34
The Daily DuBrule

I knew this would happen. A grueling day filled with unceasing frustrations brought me home completely spent. I smiled as I passed the heart rock by my back walkway and breathed a sigh of relief. Sanctuary at last. My kind husband cooked me dinner and parked me in the recliner, cut up a ripe pineapple and served it to me. A bit of television and off to bed. Not a brain cell or a muscle resisted sleep. I awoke just after the clock struck midnight to find I had missed my first Daily DuBrule post. Ah, day 34...

There are days when the demands of life are just simply too much. Like a gigantic sponge, I absorb more and more responsibility. But owning a business is tough. It's not the gardening, the plants, the designs. It's tenacity. It's courage. It's the ability to go on when you just can't wrap your mind around the details. 

I mentioned to a couple of fellow business owners that I felt like I was running on air the other day. They shook their heads in agreement. Winter will do that to you. All the planning, preparation, and work for a season that looms on the horizon. You love spring, you love the growing season, but MAN does it take a lot of work to get there. 

All I could think of to put at the top of this midnight ramble to inspire me was the new 12" tall Helianthus 'Happy Days. A great big smiley face of a flower that I can stare at every once in a while to remind me that, as my mother used to day B.D.A.C.-better days are coming. I guess that means tomorrow, which is already actually here, as it is the final day to get our gorgeous, jammed packed booth together before the hoards and teaming masses descend upon the convention center in Hartford for what promises to be one of the best flower shows I have seen in a LONG time. By then, things should be coming up roses in life once again.

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