Friday, February 17, 2012

February Flowers- What's Up with That?

Daffodils in bloom in February?
Day 31
The Daily DuBrule

I was teaching Planting and Plant Care for the NOFA Organic Landcare Course in New Haven at the CT Agricultural Experiment Station today. As I cruised in to give my talk, I saw a DAFFODIL IN FULL BLOOM! Eek! What?!? I know we are having a mild winter, but this beats all. I spoke out loud to myself in my car..."my God, look at that". When I arrived and was hanging out with the students before the class, I told a friend what I had seen. A couple of folks gathered around, concerned, asking me what's up. I said... wait for it... THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! Only kidding. :) 

Anyway, we are in total fast forward with the spring season. I returned to Natureworks and saw our 'Arnold's Promise' witch hazel in FULL BLOOM, our winter jasmine in full bloom, and all the winter aconites and snow drops blooming their heads off in the beds by the driveway and the front walk. Even a few 'Cream Beauty' snow crocuses had joined the party. Now, granted, these bulbs are on the south side and near pavement and of course they are warmer than all the other plants, but people, this is a TREND here. I came home, walked out of my garage, only to be greeted by snowdrops and Helleborus 'Candy Love' and H. niger. AND my two witch hazels in bloom. Being someone who is a total geek about what blooms when in CT, I know we are 2-3 weeks early.

Enjoy the pictures below of other developments on this scene... 

I just found out one of my growers has pansies ready!

 I picked white weeping cherry branches to force for the flower show next week. They are moving right along and I hope they don't open too soon!

I also picked Azalea mucronulatum to force. These usually open in early April. The buds look pretty big to me.

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