Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Very Cool Iris

Iris buccharica blooms in April, a perfect pairing with daffodils
Day 15
The Daily DuBrule

I discovered Iris buccharica many years ago. I am always on the lookout for unusual plants that I don't know. I spotted this in a catalog of spring blooming bulbs. When the bulbs arrived in the fall and I opened the box, I was surprised to see that these didn't look at all like the other bulbs I plant in the fall such as Iris reticulata and Iris histrioides. These were a lot bigger, with lots of swollen, long roots. I was curious.

I planted a few clumps in my courtyard, in amongst the Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue'. There were already some daffodils and hyacinths in there. In April, these funny looking, v-shaped pairs of leaves emerged and then these really pretty yellow and white iris flowers unfolded. They lasted for many weeks. Everyone who visited asked about them. I was enchanted.

Now I use this iris in all of my designs. Sun or shade, they seem happy as can be. They are a great perennial bulb, coming back reliably year after year, the clump steadily increasing in size. The leaves last a long time in the garden, which is what makes them so perennial as the foliage keeps on producing food to feed the bulbs. 

Iris buccharica is classified as a Juno iris. I know that there are others out there and now I am on the lookout to expand my palette of these very cool spring blooming beauties. 

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