Monday, June 11, 2012



Day 141
The Daily DuBrule

What a miracle. I haven't really planted calendulas in my garden in a few years yet they continue to self sow. I LOVE plants that do that! I am getting pretty good at recognizing them as tiny seedlings and moving them around as needed. Right now, most of my raised beds have calendulas in them somewhere. I just love this common annual. It's actually a really useful herb. I recently developed a heat rash on a crazy hot day in the attic office of Natureworks. When I got home I grabbed my calendula cream and it solved the problem in a few days. It is good for any skin irritations. It is also a culinary herb, often called "pot marigold" as it can be used as a saffron substitute in rice and stews to color to dish orange. 

Just look at the variety of flower forms that I photographed this morning in my garden. There are orange ones, yellow ones, singles and doubles. Some have deep red centers, some have bright yellow centers.The petals of the flowers are edible and delicious sprinkled in salads. The flower petals are also a source of yellow dye. They bloom all summer and continue into the fall. Grown in Europe since ancient times, it is one of the most valuable herbs you can incorporate into your gardens. Just pick up a packet of seeds or a couple of small plants and off you go!

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