Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peas with 'Gusto'

Day 150
The Daily DuBrule

I have just discovered one of the prettiest combinations in my blended garden of flowers and edibles. Back on Earth Day weekend, my friend Karen Bussolini came to speak at Natureworks. It was a hot, dry period of the spring and everyone was having trouble getting their seeds to sprout and thrive in the 90 degree heat. Karen brought me some pre-sprouted yellow podded peas. She placed the seeds in moist paper towels and started the sprouting process ahead of time. It made for very succesful, quick germination and the peas thrived. She too is interested in blended gardens and thought they would be pretty. Well, she was so right.

There are forces at work in my gardens that are greater than me. I just happened to plant these special peas on a trellis in the last raised bed in my garden, at the bottom of the hill. Just beyond is a clump of Japanese irises. A few weeks ago I noticed the peas were flowering. Instead of the white flowers on my traditional sugar snap peas, these flowers were lavender purple. I couldn't believe it. I have been photographing them ever since. Last week the pods started to form. I forgot to ask Karen if these were snap peas or English peas. No matter. I haven't let a single one get big enough to shell. I have been eating them pod and all.

The best part of this combination is that the Iris ensata 'Gusto' which is next to these peas makes a perfect combination with the purple pea flowers. This morning in the early haze of the first day of summer, I ran out with my camera to try and capture the beauty that I am enjoying. 

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