Thursday, June 21, 2012

Laughing at the Heat

Day 151
The Daily DuBrule

In the early days of my business I used to hate summer because I knew so few plants that seemed to truly love the heat. When I discovered tender perennial Salvias, I realized that this was a group of plants that get better and better as it gets hotter and hotter. Now they form the backbone of many of my annual plantings.

This year I planted Salvia 'Diablo' in a pot next to my deck. It is just about the reddest Salvia I have ever seen. The hummingbirds can't leave it alone and as the temperatures rise out of site, it is coming into its own. It only grows 15-20" tall and the flowers look like tiny tubes of lipstick. The secret to these plants is to plant them in full blazing sun, deadhead them often, feed them every few weeks ( I sprinkle Pro Gro in the pots to replace the nitrogen leached out by daily watering), sit back and enjoy.


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