Friday, June 1, 2012

Organic Roots

Day 132
The Daily DuBrule

Last night Sal Gilbertie came to Natureworks, sat under the tent, and talked to us for over an hour. What a wonderful man. He is so down to earth and funny and kind. He is my hero. I asked him to explain how he came to be the largest grower of organic herbs in New England. In the process of explaining how he first taught himself about herbs and why organic was so important, he told a story that really sunk in with everyone. 

He said something that I now realize is true. When we were kids, almost no one was allergic to peanuts. Now it is so common that "this product contains peanuts or made in a factory where peanuts are processed" is on all the food labels. He believes that its not the peanuts that kids are allergic to, its the chemicals used to grow the peanuts. He described the regimen of herbicides and fungicides used to produce this crop. He then said something everyone should take to heart: all of these chemicals are absorbed into the roots. Peanuts are a rhizome, they grow underground. If you are going to start eating organic food, start with the ROOT CROPS. 

Carrots, garlic, radishes, beets, peanuts, potatoes,onions; all of these, if not grown organically, have the capacity to absorb the poisons put on them. It makes sense to me. Many young families simply cannot afford to buy 100% organic food in the grocery store. We all know it costs more. What Sal said was "start with the root crops". If you can only afford to buy a few organic products, buy organic potatoes and carrots for your kids.

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