Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Late Spring Bulb

Day 137
The Daily DuBrule

I just discovered that my white Camassias (Camassia leichtlini 'Semiplena') make fabulous cut flowers. Last Friday night I scooped up giant bouquets of peonies and lilies to bring in the house before a night of torential rain and wind. I have these really pretty creamy white Camassias growing at the bottom of my garden where the soil is really wet. They are intermingling with my 'Redfield Hybrid' Japanese primroses and my purple leaf elderberry. They last for a few weeks and are quite unusual as most people think of Camassias as blue. Anyway, I was really surprised to see these last for a week in a vase! There are so few bulbs that you can plant in wet soil, and so few perennial bulbs that you can plant that bloom in June. I will be incorporating these into my designs from now on. You have to grow a plant to know a plant. 

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