Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Fragrant Oasis

Day 157
The Daily DuBrule

Tonight I do a garden walk about fragrant plants. When I designed my own gardens, fragrance was at the top of my criteria list. It was especially critical that I surrounded my deck with plants that were fragrant, as that is where I spend time relaxing, especially in the evening.

I am very proud of my O.T. lilies. I love the variety 'Conc d'Or' which is an oriental/trumpet cross that soars to six feet and fills my entire yard with its powerful perfume. Four months of persistent lily leaf beetle control is worth it when they flower.

The tree I chose to shade my deck is Clethra barbinervis. This is a tree form of Clethra or summersweet. I first discovered this plant on a summer nursery tour. I look up at this 20 foot tall mature tree buzzing with bees, smelled the sweet fragrance, admired the cinnamon colored bark, and fell in love. The above picture was taken a few years ago when the tree was small. I had to use roll down shades to keep the sun off the picnic table in the afternoon. Now, this tree is large enough to shade the deck. When it bursts into bloom and the 'Conc d' Or' lilies flower at the same time, it is paradise out there.

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