Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sparkling Evening

Day 154
The Daily DuBrule

I used to live in a wonderful small community by the shoreline. It was surrounded by marshes and contained patches of inland wetlands. There was also plenty of woodland areas filled with wildflowers and, of course, beaches and water views. 

Every 4th of July, folks would stage a magnificent private fireworks display on a rocky outcropping that jutted far out into the water. Everyone on the island knew this was going to happen. People would have cookouts and party all day in anticipation of this event. At dark, we would all proceed to the beach and enjoy the show. 

Walking home after the fireworks one year, I stopped at the marsh and simply stood there for five minutes watching a quiet display of sparkling lights- lightning bugs! It was the neatest phenomenon, watching this long stretch of marsh twinkling as the last of the smaller fireworks popped all around. I will never forget that feeling.

Last night, after returning home from a nice dinner party, the air was just so deliciously cool after the intense heat and humidity I endured all week that I just couldn't help myself. I stretched out on the lounge chair on the deck to breath in this air and think about the week that just past. It was then that I saw the first lightning bugs of the season. As they sparkled and twinkled around my garden, I settled in for a while to deeply relax and untwist my muscles and thank goodness I live in such a special patch of paradise.

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